Former Iron Tribe President launches company

Jim Cavale came to Iron Tribe Fitness as a customer, and left as the President.

He wants to do it all again. The Birmingham entrepreneur is launching his new company, Influencer, with some of college sports’ biggest legacies at least verbally committed as his first clients: The University of Alabama Football team and the University of Kentucky Basketball program.

Influencer – also called INFLCR – is a software and service aimed at managing student athletes and other representatives of a program.

“There’s three ‘what’s in it for me’s for the school,” Cavale said. “Number 1, you’re going to protect your brand. Number 2, you’re going to grow your brand’s reach through your athletes. Number 3: you’re going to add a recruiting asset, because you’re going to be able to tell your athletes you have a solution for their personal brand, for them to grow it and have solutions around them managing it themselves for when life after sports begins.”
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